Video Killed The Radio Star: 6 Awesome Music Videos To Kick Start Your Weekend

When was the last time MTV played two music videos consecutively? When was the last time you saw a music video?
Since The Buggles first appeared on MTV the possibilities for music videos has grown, just look at Michael Jackson’s epic short feature and now soon-to-be Broadway musical, “Thriller” video. They come in many shapes and sizes, whether it’s exclusive backstage footage, band’s flexing their acting skills and playing dress up or an artful animation sequence. So here’s some vid picks, some old, some new, some borrowed (kinda, thanks for your suggestions girls, even if they didn’t make the cut) and some blue (or rather from the band that brought you the Blue album), for your viewing pleasure:

Fleet Foxes- White Winter Hymnal

The idea for this video is super cool, comparing the cycle of life to the round structure of the song, and besides, who doesn’t love claymation?!

A-Ha- Take On Me

One of my favorite videos ever, these pretty boys from Norway leap off the page.

Radiohead- Just

I LOVE this video! Conceptually brilliant, the unknown, possibly existential crisis combined with Radiohead’s abrasive jam is the work of genius.

The Strokes- Reptilia

If you don’t like The Strokes you may not like the video, but clean partial shots of a shoe, an eye, or a frenzied hand strumming guitar strings make for a visually aesthetic experience.
Favorite moment: As Julian sings: “Now every time that I look at myself,” curly headed Hammond Jr. slowly turns to face the camera, his eyes glancing upwards.

Weezer- Keep Fishin’

Known for their videos, the geeky 90’s rockers team up with the Muppets for a most sensational, inspiration, celebrational, Muppetational performance!

Loney Dear- Saturday Waits

In the style of photographer William Wegman, dogs dressed as human’s act out a tragic story of a relationship gone bad.

Rant: Down with the Encore

If you ask me, the encore is a tired and outdated process. The band has left the stage, the lights are darkened, and yet, the audience continues to shout and clap like those wind-up toy monkeys with brass cymbals. “Encore, encore,” the French word for “again,” can frequently be heard and you already know that the band is gonna come charging back onstage and play that hit song of theirs that they not so inconspicuously omitted from the set list. When a concert is over, I am ready to leave. If it’s a weekday, I am ready to hop on the subway and go home, and if it’s a weekend, I’m ready to head to the nearest bar. Besides, if a band is good enough, I’d like to think that the audience members will be satisfied, encore or no encore.

So, you can imagine my delight while at a Bon Iver concert at Town Hall a few months ago, when Justin Vernon announced that there would not be an encore. One fan was outraged and unleashed some gobbledygook about the failing economy and wanting to get his money’s worth. Yet, Bon Iver played practically every song, not only from For Emma, Forever Ago, but also from their new EP, Blood Bank. We were even treated to a cover of Sarah Siskind’s tragically beautiful, “Lovin’s For Fools”. I felt that my money was well spent and left feeling pleased with the show.

Other artists agree with me on this matter. The Strokes generally skip out on encores and Ben Folds once poked fun at the useless ritual as well, saying something along the lines of, “I’m coming back, but you should try to act surprised.” Spare our voice boxes the screaming and shouting and take it from Elvis. Leave the building.

Have You Heard? Julian Casablancas Featured on Lonely Island Comedy Album

While The Strokes are on hiatus (and currently recording their new album!), all five shaggy mop-tops; Albert Hammond Jr., Nick Valensi, Nikolai Fraiture, Fabrizio Moretti, and Julian Casablancas, have been pursuing various musical side projects.

Hammond Jr. released his second album Como Te Llama?, Fraiture his first solo album The Time of Assassins under the name Nickel Eye, Moretti teamed up with Binki Shapiro and Los Hermanos singer/guitarist Rodrigo Amarante to form Little Joy and release a self-titled album, while Casablancas collaborated with Santogold and Pharrell Williams on “My Drive Thru” for a Converse ad campaign. Sadly no tunes from Valensi, who has spent his time off getting hitched and livin’ it large as a new dad.

And now the newest musical foray to come out of that unruly pit of New York garage rockers is somewhat unexpected. Casablancas rich syrupy vocals can be found on Incredibad, the debut album from The Lonely Island. The comedy trio made up by SNL cast member Andy Samberg and his two childhood friends, Akiva Schaffter and Jorma Taccone, just released their first album full of tracks such as “Dick In A Box” and “Jizz In My Pants,” that you’ll recognize if you’re a fan of SNL’s Digital Shorts. Casablancas guest stars on “Boombox,” Samberg’s Flo-Rida-like slow jam about the powerful effects a boom box can have on a bunch of white people. In his liquid-gravel voice Casablancas intones the songs evolving hook, “Everything got out of control. The music was so entrancing. Everyone got out on the floor. It was a bunch of all white people dancin’.”

The song is pretty funny and for some reason Samberg has an obsession with people eating boiled goose, but it’s worth listening to for Casablancas deep, mournful crooning. Especially stick it out to the very end, where he wails an ominous warning like a true 80’s power balladeer, “A boom box is not a toyyy!”

So break yourself off some boiled goose and listen to this:

(Plus) Coming Soon To A Blog Near You: Take It Or Leave It: A Comprehensive Guide to The Strokes Side Projects