New Singles: Conor Oberst, First Aid Kit, Bob Mould, Black Keys, & more

In the past couple weeks, many artists released singles from forthcoming albums.  The list below contains a selection of some of these singles, arranged in order of album release date.

After hearing these songs, I must say I am most excited for Bob Mould’s album and the follow up to First Aid Kit’s excellent album, The Lion’s Roar (2012).

Happy listening!

The Secret Sisters “Iuka” from Put Your Needle Down (April 15, Republic Records)

The Black Keys “Fever” from Turn Blue (May 13, Nonesuch)

 Conor Oberst “Governor’s Ball” from Upside Down Mountain (May 20, Nonesuch Record)

Bob Mould “Hey, Mr Grey”, from Beauty & Ruin (June 3, Merge)

Fucked Up “Paper the House” from Glass Boys (June 3, Matador)

First Aid Kit “My Silver Lining” from Stay Gold (June 10, Columbia Records)

You can also stream Split Single‘s Fragmented World. This band features Jason Narducy (Verbow, Bob Mould’s band, Superchunk) on vocals & guitar, Britt Daniel (Spoon, Divine Fits) on bass, and Jon Wurster (Superchunk, Mountain Goats, Bob Mould’s band) on drums. It is definitely a recommended release.

On the New York Times, you can stream OFF!’s Wasted Years (April 8, Vice Records).  This is a very random placement for this punk album’s preview. But go ahead.

Assessment: Dan Auerbach’s Solo Album, Keep It Hid

Dan Auerbach has been quite busy since his latest album with The Black Keys, Attack & Release, dropped on April 1. On February 10, Keep It Hid snuck onto the scene leering and quickly marked its territory as a solo project that does not disappoint. The retro treasure was recorded at Auerbach’s home studio in Akron, Ohio. Laden with blues folk, the album opens with the acoustic, “Trouble Weighs A Ton”, before launching into the grittier sounds of psychedelic rock.

By the time “The Prowl” starts playing, you will probably have a bottle of whiskey in your hands and a swagger in your step. Auerbach menacingly croons, “I see you walkin’ after dark/ Trading looks with other men/ But I’m the only one you need/ And I know just where you’ve been” and you can practically picture him making eyes at you from across a smoky dive bar too late at night.

One of my favorites is the paranoid track, “When I Left The Room”. In a haunting whir of soulful psychedelia, Auerbach artfully laments a love affair gone rotten. He unapologetically moans, “But now her eyes foretell/ Only impending doom/ And I just wanna know/ What she said when I left the room.”

Although still a tad melancholy, “Goin’ Home” is more uplifting than its previous contenders. It rounds out the album with a comforting and familiar twang. Auerbach seems to have found a morsel of peace as he openly admits, “I want the sun to hit my face/ Through oak trees in the open lot/ Forget about the things you want/ Be thankful for what all you got.”

The Prowl mp3
When I Left The Room mp3
Mean Monsoon mp3

For more information check out Dan Auerbach’s myspace page.