Hi Friends.  The time for euphonieblog has come to an end.

But I’m happy to announce the launch of

A place for consuming music at two ends of the spectrum, digital and analog. A destination for those who like having access to almost anything ever recorded at the click of a button and yet still line up to purchase vinyl every year on Record Store Day.
Borrowed Nostalgia is a site for all of this in today’s scene.

“For All Good Kids”

The first post is an interview with Chris Gethard!

Thanks for your kind support.  And I hope to see you over at Borrowed Nostalgia (dot com).


Happy Friday (and almost Halloween)!

If you’re a fan of emphatic comedians and pop-culture snark (like I am), check out this video called Billy & Rachel’s Halloween Adventure.

From FunnyOrDie, it stars Billy Eichner and Rachel Dratch. These two funny people challenge themselves to walk through a haunted house. First, they are unfazed by the experience. But things change when they learn what’s REALLY in the haunted house. Lets just say it isn’t for the faint of hearing…or taste.

And check out FunnyOrDie’s Billy on the Street. It will make you want to wander NYC, looking for Billy, just to win a dollar.

Happy Friday! Listen to demo version of "Serpents" by Sharon Van Etten

Spotify posted the deluxe edition of Sharon Van Etten‘s excellent album Tramp from last year. The album has both remastered original versions and demo versions of all 12 songs (with one bonus demo).  Demos are demos for a reason, but “Serpents” was always my favorite track from the original album and the demo is heartbreaking and raw.  Check it out below. 

Happy Summer! Here is a video of Mac from Superchunk covering Jonathan Richman for AV Club

AV Undercover is one of my favorite parts about Tuesday. At the beginning of each series, AV Club editors pick a bunch of songs and enlist bands to pick and perform the track however they please  The end products range from delightful to terrifying.  Sometimes bands put their own spin on classic songs and ther times they do not.  Filmed in their Chicago offices, there have been a lot of gems (including Frightened Rabbit performing “Confetti”, The Swell Season performing “Two Headed Boy”, and Young the Giant performing “Ignition (Remix)”.

Each summer, AV Club takes a break from their initial list of covers and lets the band choose a song that fits in with the season (ie. summer).  Below is a video of Mac from Superchunk performing Jonathan Richman’s “That Summer Feeling.” He is joined by Kelly Hogan for this song that clocks in at over 6 minutes.
Mac McCaughan & Kelly Hogan cover Jonathan Richman

Also, check out the new Superchunk song “Me & You & Jackie Mittoo” on Pitchfork. Their new album, “I Hate Music,” will be out in August. If you don’t already listen to Superchuck, they are definitely worth checking out.  They write some of the catchiest songs ever.

We’reeeee back!

the euphonie blog is back!  After almost 3 years, we decided to start up again.  You (our still loyal readers, hopefully) can expect the same variety of witty (and often irrelevant) posts.  Expect lots of concert reviews, artist profiles, Top 5 lists, rants, and other general jabber. Thanks for reading!

xox, Jenna & Allie

Welcome one and all.

Hello Fans,

Welcome to the Euphonie, a music blog created by three lovely ladies with a total admiration of all things indie rock ‘n roll. The sky is the proverbial limit. This blog might just include something that will tickle your fancy in a harmonic way, of course. Like…

  • “Eureka” posts aka. introductions about new bands we have recently become obsessed with
  • random themed top [insert number] lists
  • musings about pop-culture and life in general
  • selections from “overheard on the office iDock”
  • the occasional post outlining the reasons why we disagree with the gods at Pitchfork

And of course, there will be random bad (awesome) puns on occasion.

So take off your coat, hat, mittens or other outwear. Make yourself at home on our fancy old couch. Maybe grab a cold PBR. Why not stay a while and leave a comment or two? We will make it worth your while. Promise.

Yours Truly,
Allie, Jenna & Laurie