Check it out: The Chris Gethard Show, bringing laughs and quirk to public access

A week or so ago, I received a message from a college friend, Kevin Feldman, who now lives in Austin, TX. He said he would be in town and that I should join him for a filming of The Chris Gethard Show. I was a bit familiar with Gethard (a 30-something comedian originally from Jersey) but I was not familiar with his show (which started at UCB and then moved to the Manhattan Neighborhood Network).

I looked through the archived hour-long variety shows, complete with call-ins, characters, and musical guests. I was instantly drawn in to this offbeat sort of humor. I contacted the audience list email and was signed up.  Awesome.

Walking into the MNN (where the show films from 11-12 on Wednesdays) was a bit jarring as it seemed though everyone knew each other and I was just a first timer. But that is just the kind of community that the show (and to my understanding, Gethard) has.
Last night’s show, which was the 100th, was a gratitude-fest from both the perspective of Gethard, his friends, and his fans.  People called into to express their appreciation for the show, what it represents and what Gethard as done. One of the people on stage said it best when she mentioned how the show was a place where people could actually be themselves. This resonated with the entire crowd and those listening, watching, or just thinking about the show.

Of course there was comedy and laughs as well. Each person who spoke on stage was forced to wear headphones attached to the Speech Jammer iPad app.

The thing that stood out to me, as a first timer, was how the show started.  Gethard began with a poignant monologue about how each person needs to find “their own Chris Gethard Show,” meaning that if you have a dream, do it.  Even if it is weird and you don’t think you can, you should.  People may laugh at your idea, whether to be a YouTube show, a comic book, a screenplay, or (in my case) a blog with an eventual podcast. But that is no reason not to try things.

The video for last night’s broadcast isn’t on the site yet. But for a little taste of the action, here is a video of episode 60, “Truth or Dare.” This episode features a viewer submitted game of Truth or Dare and musical guest The Shivering Brigade (which just happens to be the band of my friend, Jonathan Zuckerman – who I saw at the filming yesterday [They currently have a Kickstarter to raise money for their new album. Here is their bandcamp site.]


So seriously. If you like funny, quirky comedy and just generally cool people, check out the show.  Check out Chris and his Weird NJ/ Weird US series and his collection of stories about his life called “A Bad Idea I’m About to Do” (which he was gracious enough to sign for my boyfriend).

Edit:  As promised, here is a link to the “Hundo” episode.

Check It Out: New music from Justin Timberlake

Like any girl who grew up listening to boy bands in the early 2000s, I am a huge fan of Justin Timberlake.  As I grew out of NSYNC, I flocked to Timberlake’s solo material.  2002’s Justified was good but 2006’s FutureSex/LoveSounds was even better.

Now, 6 years later, he released a song called “Suit & Tie (featuring Jay-Z).” And I must say, I am a bit afraid that this new album will mark the end of my Justin Timberlake love (musically).  The new song predominately dark beats at the end.  The verse comes with those smooth JT vocals.  The main theme of the song is essentially is “suiting up” to pick up girls at the club.   He emulates Michael Jackson’s vocal style.  Jay-Z comes in and does his typical rapping thing over Timberlake’s “oohhs” and “ahhs.”

The thing that I loved about Timberlake was his crossover appeal.  As someone who listens to indie and alt rock (almost) exclusively, I appreciate his catchy melodies, smooth beats and soulful voice. I sang along to “Senorita” and watched the video for “Cry Me a River,” hating Britney Spears of what she did to poor innocent JT.  Songs like “Sexyback,” “LoveStoned/I Think She Knows” and “What Goes Around…” really appealed to my interest in a catchy and sexy song with both a mainstream and independent vibe.  I just don’t think this new song fits into the Timberlake I love.

Only time will tell. The new album is slated to come out sometime this year.  But for now, let’s enjoy an old school Timberlake video for “What Goes Around..”

Merry Christmas, You Filthy Animal

Here is an article from The Week. As a child, Home Alone was one of my all time favorite movies.  I was always highly amused by Macaulay Culkin‘s ingenuity as he constructed traps for the two crazy burglars. This article calls upon a doctor who analyzed all of the injuries the criminals collected throughout the house of traps.  Even if this article isn’t meant to be humorous, I found the academic take on this classic Christmas movie to be amusing and informative.  I will never watch the movie the same way. 

And here is a video from YouTube, just in case you forgot how awesome the traps were.  Ahead of their time, for sure. 


Check it out: @SeinfeldToday

For #FF, BuzzFeed posted a link to @SeinfeldToday, a twitter parody account that asks the question “What if Seinfeld was on TV in 2012?”  As many shows of the 90’s, some episodes are quite dated.  For example, the gang would’ve never spent hours wandering around The Parking Garage looking for their car because, now, Kramer would own an electronic remote.  In The Airport, Jerry and Elaine would have just called George and Kramer (on their iPhone most likely) when they landed at either airport.

Some highlights include:

Jerry breaks up with a beautiful woman because she favorites every one of his tweets. Kramer and Newman start a podcast.
Jerry gets in a fight in the Trader Joes line. George’s Netflix thinks he’s gay. Elaine has to get One Direction tickets for her boss’s kid.

: Jerry joins Twitter only to find that a Jerry parody account has 50k followers. It’s run by Bania who will stop if Jerry buys him dinner.

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