List List (& short reviews!): March 20

Of this week’s new releases, I listened to The Black LipsUnderneath the Rainbow and Kevin Drew (of Broken Social Scene)’s Darlings. Drew’s album is more acoustic while The Black Lips presented a more country-influenced album.

There is also the debut album from Perfect Pussy called Say Yes to Love. This is a ferocious punk-rock album from the girl-fronted group an definitely recommended to fans of that genre. The album was streaming on NPR First Listen, but you can also stream some of their songs on Bandcamp.

Taking Back Sunday released their Happiness Is album. It is a solid emo effort from the band, who is back to their “classic” lineup.

And finally, War on Drugs released Lost in the Dream, which is a very enjoyable follow up to 2011’s Slave Ambient. This album was also on NPR First Listen last week (the associated story is a good read).

Stay tuned for next week when I post my initial thoughts on The Hold Steady‘s Teeth Dreams (streaming now on iTunes).


Links List: January 17

I used to read McSweeney’s religiously.  This week I rediscovered their signature fantastical wit. Here were some of my favorites:

For some reason, this was the week experts claimed that having children ruins lives.  New York Magazine published a feature entitled “The Collateral Damage of a Teenager” and Gawker reported on researchers who surveyed childless and non-childless couples. The results were frightening.

Full disclosure. I fell into a Couples Therapy Black Hole last week. The saga of Farrah Abraham is getting better and better.

[Ed. note: Since it is the beginning of the year, new releases are still pretty scarce.  Instead, I will start highlighting some notable singles]

Real Estate‘s “Taking Backwards” is dreamy and light.  It could fit on 2011’s Days. With a lead single like this, it seems the band is headed in the dream-indie-pop direction. The album, Atlas, is set to be released at the beginning of March.
Taking Back Sunday went back to the “classic” lineup.  This song, “Flicker, Fade,” is just what one would expect.  It is quiet and then loud. The chorus is catchy and John Nolan’s signature whispery parts are there. Happiness Is will also be released in March and as a old-school TBS fan, I can say I am looking forward to it.