Links List: Jan 24 + new singles from The Both & The Hold Steady

Some tracks from upcoming albums were released online.


Links List: January 17

I used to read McSweeney’s religiously.  This week I rediscovered their signature fantastical wit. Here were some of my favorites:

For some reason, this was the week experts claimed that having children ruins lives.  New York Magazine published a feature entitled “The Collateral Damage of a Teenager” and Gawker reported on researchers who surveyed childless and non-childless couples. The results were frightening.

Full disclosure. I fell into a Couples Therapy Black Hole last week. The saga of Farrah Abraham is getting better and better.

[Ed. note: Since it is the beginning of the year, new releases are still pretty scarce.  Instead, I will start highlighting some notable singles]

Real Estate‘s “Taking Backwards” is dreamy and light.  It could fit on 2011’s Days. With a lead single like this, it seems the band is headed in the dream-indie-pop direction. The album, Atlas, is set to be released at the beginning of March.
Taking Back Sunday went back to the “classic” lineup.  This song, “Flicker, Fade,” is just what one would expect.  It is quiet and then loud. The chorus is catchy and John Nolan’s signature whispery parts are there. Happiness Is will also be released in March and as a old-school TBS fan, I can say I am looking forward to it.

Links List: Jan 10

And in case you missed it, check out my Best of 2013 playlist, featuring last year’s stand-out tracks from this year’s releases.

Happy New Year! Here are some videos that just “get it”

  • Ring in the New Year with Rilo Kiley’s “Glendora,” a classic song from their The Initial Friend EP (2000).


  • Death Cab for Cutie captures the eventual disappointment of New Years “newness” with their song “The New Year.”


  • Hardcore/emo band Thursday has a different take on New Years Eve with “Jet Black New Year.” Man, that song is just so early-2000s.

Links List: Dec 27

Links List: Dec 20

  • A NYT Styles article explores “Instagram Envy,” or what happens when we become jealous of the life friends present in their Instagram feed.   
  • I hate Flash Mobs but I love Charlie Brown Christmas. So obviously this makes me feel so conflicted!

Links List: Dec 13

  • Well, this is a piece of important and life-changing journalism.